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Introducing CaplinTec® Double Boiled Linseed Oil, a natural and superior solution crafted from pure, natural materials for enhancing and safeguarding wood surfaces. This advanced formula not only accelerates drying compared to standard linseed oil but also offers unparalleled benefits for your woodworking projects.


Deeply penetrating the wood, CaplinTec® Double Boiled Linseed Oil creates a robust finish that accentuates the inherent beauty of the grain while providing exceptional durability. Experience a resilient coating that enhances the wood's color and texture, ensuring long-lasting protection against daily wear and tear.


Crafted with care for the environment, this high-quality oil is suitable for a variety of wood types, excluding exterior oak, and imparts a subtle yet captivating sheen. Moreover, it goes beyond wood applications, offering sealing and safeguarding properties for stone, terracotta, and metal surfaces, both indoors and outdoors.


Transform your woodworking experience with CaplinTec® Double Boiled Linseed Oil – the ultimate choice for professionals and enthusiasts seeking superior quality, performance, and natural ingredients

CaplinTec® Boiled Linseed Oil

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