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Introducing CaplinTec Worktop Oil, the perfect solution for enhancing and protecting your wooden worktops. Our specially formulated oil comes in a 100% recyclable bottle, providing ample coverage for up to 7 square meters of surface area. Crafted from natural materials, our worktop oil is not only safe for use but also environmentally friendly.


Designed to penetrate deep into the wood, CaplinTec Worktop Oil strengthens and nourishes the surface, creating a robust barrier against everyday wear and tear. Whether you're chopping vegetables or preparing meals, our oil ensures your worktops remain resilient and long-lasting.


With its easy application process, you can enjoy the benefits of our worktop oil with minimal effort. Simply apply a thin, even layer using a brush or cloth, and let it absorb into the wood for optimal protection. The result? A beautifully finished surface that exudes natural charm and durability.


To apply CaplinTec® Worktop Oil, use a brush to evenly spread the oil onto the wood surface, following the direction of the grain. The brush efficiently absorbs the product, allowing for liberal and uniform distribution.Allow the oil to penetrate for several minutes, then remove any excess with a lint free cloth. This cloth ensures a clean application by preventing loose fibers, threads, or lint from marring the surface.

Apply two additional coats of Worktop Oil, allowing four to six hours between each coat for thorough drying. Use a foam-backed finishing pad to gently sand the surface between coats, ensuring a smooth and flawless finish

CaplinTec® Worktop Oil

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