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Flint Quay, North Wales

About Us

Kevin Caplin

Kevin Caplin

Founder and  Chief Technical Officer at CaplinTec

Kevin Caplin has over 20 years of experience as an industrial chemist having worked globally with brand leaders such as Nestle, Coors and Proctor & Gamble. 


Since moving to a farm in Caerwys, in beautiful North Wales, Kevin has grown passionate about his responsibility to care for the environment, inspiring him to use his experience to innovate eco-friendly solutions. 


By exploring design within nature, Kevin is developing effective solutions which work with the environment rather than against it.


The CaplinTec Story

Using harvested rainwater, growing specific plants on the farm and repurposing waste products from the wool and timber industry, Kevin started to develop effective products using sustainable ingredients.


Some of these products are now commercially available through our UK distributor, Andermatt or directly from CaplinTec, enabling consumers with an ever-increasing awareness of the "climate emergency" to make better, more responsible choices.

Together, the team at CaplinTec are achieving our vision of bringing sustainable, entirely natural solutions to the market that don’t harm users, wildlife or the environment.

Unlocking Nature's Solutions


CaplinTec is delighted to have won the 2023 Wool Wonders award at the Wool Eisteddfod in Cardiff.


Kevin Caplin (left) is pictured here accepting the award on behalf of CaplinTec from Cefin Campbell MS (centre) and Jacqui Pearce (right), chair of the Welsh Wool Alliance.

'Wool Wonders' 2023 Wool Eisteddfod in Cardiff

Welsh Wool Alliance
Organic Wool

Welsh Wool Alliance

Proud to Display the Welsh Wool Alliance Logo

CaplinTec's membership in the Welsh Wool Alliance expresses our support for the Welsh economy and connects us with like-minded companies who are also invested in working with sustainable materials.

Welsh Wool Alliance Logo


We value collaboration with partners who share our commitment to nature, and we enjoy the challenge of being approached to problem-solve new solutions.


Please feel free to reach out to us to see how we might be able to work together.

Together, We Make a Difference

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