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Introducing CaplinTec Back Lapping Paste, the ultimate solution for the maintenance of gang mowers and rough sharpening of low cutters.


Designed with precision and efficiency in mind, our back lapping paste offers a range of features to elevate your equipment's cutting performance while ensuring ease of use and long-term durability.

Available in 120 Grit (Fine) and 80 Grit (Coarse) formulations.


Key Features:


  • Oil-Free Formula: Say goodbye to messy oil-based pastes. Our paste is formulated without oil, ensuring a clean and hassle-free application process.


  • Odour Free: Enjoy a pleasant working environment with our odour free formula, making maintenance tasks more comfortable for you and those around you.

  • Easy to Use: Simplify your maintenance routine with our user-friendly paste, designed for effortless application and hassle-free sharpening.

  • Improved Cutting Performance: Experience superior cutting performance with every use. Our back lapping paste is formulated to enhance the sharpness and precision of your equipment.

  • Smooth Gel for Faster Sharpening: The smooth gel formula facilitates faster sharpening, saving you valuable time and effort during maintenance sessions.

  • Suitable for Most Equipment Types: Versatile and adaptable, our paste is suitable for use with most types of equipment, ensuring broad compatibility and convenience.

  • Prevents Corrosion: Keep your equipment in top condition with our paste, which helps prevent corrosion on newly sharpened blades, extending their lifespan and performance.


CaplinTec Back Lapping Paste is the ideal choice for professionals and enthusiasts alike who demand superior performance and reliability from their maintenance products. Upgrade your sharpening routine with CaplinTec and experience the difference firsthand.

CaplinTec Back Lapping Paste (500ml)

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