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Introducing CaplinTec Slug & Snail Deterrent Pellets, the eco-friendly solution to safeguard your garden while promoting soil health. Crafted from natural plant extracts, our pellets offer a safe and effective deterrent for slugs and snails without the use of harmful chemicals. With CaplinTec, you can protect your plants, pets, and children while enriching your garden soil.


Key Features:


Natural Plant Extracts: Our pellets are formulated with natural plant extracts that repel gastropods, providing a safe and environmentally-conscious solution for deterring slugs and snails.


Chemical-Free: Bid farewell to harsh chemicals. CaplinTec pellets contain no nasty chemicals, ensuring a safer option for your garden and the surrounding ecosystem.


Safe for Pets and Children: Rest easy knowing that our pellets are safe for your furry friends and little ones to be around. Protect your garden without compromising on safety.


500g Pack: Each pack contains 500g of pellets, offering ample coverage for specific plants in the garden you want to protect and enabling you to effectively deter slugs and snails from your plants.


Long-Lasting: Our pellets can last for up to 3 months, providing sustained protection for your plants without the need for frequent reapplication.


Easy Application: Simply place the pellets around the base of the plants you wish to protect. Our user-friendly design ensures hassle-free application.


Soil Enrichment: As the pellets biodegrade, they enrich the soil, providing valuable nutrients that promote plant growth and overall soil health.


CaplinTec Slug & Snail Deterrent Pellets offer a holistic approach to garden care, protecting your plants while nurturing the soil. Choose CaplinTec for a greener, healthier garden environment

CaplinTec® Slug & Snail Deterrent Pellets

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