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Introducing CaplinTec Natural Stone Sealer – a premium solution crafted entirely from natural materials, offering unparalleled protection for your stone surfaces.


Available for both interior and exterior use.


Made with sustainability in mind, our stone sealer comes in a 100% recyclable 500ml bottle, ensuring both exceptional results and environmental responsibility.


CaplinTec Natural Stone Sealer provides outstanding defense against water ingress and unsightly stains caused by spills, preserving the pristine appearance of your stone surfaces. With 500ml covering up to 15 square meters, this sealer guarantees efficiency and cost-effectiveness, providing long-lasting protection for your investment.


Application is a breeze – simply use a brush or roller for quick and thorough coverage. Cleanup is equally hassle-free, requiring only warm water for a seamless finish.


Protect and enhance the beauty of your stone floors with CaplinTec Natural Stone Sealer – the ultimate choice for protection and peace of mind

CaplinTec® Stone Sealer

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