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Introducing our highly effective Cat Deterrent/Repellent Spray, specially formulated to keep your indoor and outdoor spaces free from unwanted feline visitors. Our product is designed with three key principles in mind: natural ingredients, safety, and effectiveness.




  • Natural Ingredients: Our spray is crafted using a blend of natural compounds that are safe for both pets and humans. You can rest assured that it contains no harsh chemicals or synthetic additives, making it an environmentally friendly choice.


  • Safe: We prioritize the safety of your beloved pets and family members. Our formula is non-toxic and gentle, ensuring that it won't harm cats or cause any adverse reactions. It's a humane way to deter cats from areas where they're not welcome.

  • Effective: With just a simple spray, you can create a barrier that discourages cats from entering designated areas. Whether you're protecting your garden, furniture, or specific indoor spaces, our repellent spray is up to the task. It's an efficient solution for keeping your surroundings clean and free from cat-related messes.


  • Indoor & Outdoor Use: Our versatile spray is suitable for use both indoors and outdoors, giving you flexibility in how you manage dog behaviour in various environments. Use it to prevent cats from accessing certain rooms, furniture, plants, or outdoor areas like gardens and lawns.




  • Volume: 1 litre


  • Application: Simply spray onto desired surfaces or areas


  • Long-lasting formula: Provides extended protection to keep cats away


  • Convenient packaging: Comes in a user-friendly spray bottle for easy application


Say goodbye to unwanted cat intrusions with our Cat Deterrent/Repellent Spray. Create a peaceful and clean environment for you and your family, while still respecting our furry friends. Try it today and experience the difference!

Cat Deterrent Spray (1ltr)

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