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Introducing COMPODS®, your secret weapon for accelerating the composting process and nurturing thriving gardens. Each box contains 5 convenient pods designed to revolutionize your composting routine.


Simply place a COMPODS® pod in the center of your compost heap and turn it over to activate its magic. These innovative pods work quickly to break down organic matter, producing nutrient-rich compost in record time.


Experience faster composting and enjoy better growing results with COMPODS®. Packed with essential nutrients, these pods provide the perfect blend of ingredients to enrich your compost pile, promoting healthy soil and robust plant growth.


Organic growers swear by COMPODS® for their composting needs. Join the ranks of environmentally-conscious gardeners who trust COMPODS® to create premium compost while reducing waste and maximizing efficiency.


Transform your composting experience with COMPODS® – the ultimate solution for fast, nutrient-rich compost and flourishing gardens

COMPODS® (5 Pod Box)

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