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Introducing EWE STOP® Crib Bite by CaplinTec®, a revolutionary solution designed to put an end to crib biting in horses. Crafted from natural ingredients, this innovative product offers a simple yet effective way to discourage horses from chewing on wooden surfaces such as gates, fence posts, and the interior of horse boxes.

EWE STOP® Crib Bite comes in a convenient 1000ml spray bottle for easy application. Simply spray the solution onto the desired surfaces, and let its powerful formula work its magic.


By creating a deterrent taste and scent, EWE STOP® Crib Bite effectively discourages crib biting behavior, promoting a safer and healthier environment for your equine companions.


Not only is EWE STOP® Crib Bite highly effective, but it's also environmentally friendly. The bottle is made from 100% recyclable materials, reflecting our commitment to sustainability and responsible manufacturing practices.


Say goodbye to the frustration of crib biting and hello to a happier, more contented stable environment with EWE STOP® Crib Bite by CaplinTec®.

EWE STOP Crib Bite (1ltr)

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