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Introducing the CaplinTec Fly Deterrent - your natural solution to keeping pesky flies at bay. Crafted entirely from plant-based ingredients, this innovative product offers a simple and effective way to deter flies without harsh chemicals.


With its easy-to-use design, all you need to do is remove the lid for the product to start working its magic. Once you've achieved your desired fly-free environment, simply replace the lid to conserve the product for future use.


Whether you're enjoying the great outdoors or relaxing indoors, the CaplinTec Fly Deterrent has you covered. Its natural plant extracts naturally repel flies, providing you with a safe and eco-friendly alternative to traditional fly repellents. Say goodbye to bothersome flies and hello to a more peaceful environment with CaplinTec Fly Deterrent.

Fly Deterrent 100g Tin

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