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Introducing Swink® Acrylic Artists Paint, a revolutionary product crafted from sustainably sourced Scottish seaweed. Elevate your artwork with vibrant and intense colors inspired by nature's own palette. Our eco-friendly formula ensures that your artistic endeavors leave a minimal environmental footprint.


Each bottle contains 100ml of premium acrylic paint, offering ample material to bring your creative visions to life. With a silky-smooth texture, Swink® Acrylic Artists Paint effortlessly glides onto your canvas, providing a seamless painting experience.


Choose from our diverse selection of 9 captivating colors, ranging from deep ocean blues to vibrant seaweed greens. Embrace the essence of the natural world and infuse your artwork with the beauty of marine life.


Swink® Acrylic Artists Paint: where sustainability meets creativity, allowing you to bring the wonders of nature to your canvas. Dive into a world of colour and inspiration with Swink® Acrylic Artists Paint today.

SWINK Artists Acrylic Paint (100ml)

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