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Introducing CaplinTec Drain Tracing Dye, your ultimate solution for efficient and hassle-free drainage tracing. This 15ml bottle comes in a convenient dropper format, making application effortless and precise.


Gone are the days of dealing with messy powder alternatives – our liquid formula ensures a clean and straightforward experience. The vibrant red coloration stands out, facilitating easy tracking of drainage pathways and identifying potential blockages or leaks.


Safety is paramount, which is why our dye is non-toxic and entirely safe to use in various drainage systems. Whether you're a homeowner tackling household maintenance or a professional plumber, CaplinTec Drain Tracing Dye is your trusted companion for reliable and effective drainage diagnostics.


Don't let drainage issues disrupt your day – choose CaplinTec Drain Tracing Dye for a straightforward, efficient, and safe solution.


Easy to use. Can be pre-mixed in 5 litres of water or added directly to flow.

CaplinTec® Drain Tracing Dye

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