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CaplinTec® Stone Sealer

Oil-Based Clear Sealer

Effective • Safe • Natural


   ✔ Suitable for Stone, Limestone, Concrete & Brick

   ✔ Repels water

   ✔ Seals, protects and maintains masonry surfaces

   ✔ Safely used indoors and outdoors

   ✔ Only needs a single coat

   ✔ Long-lasting (up to two years, depending on environment)


   ✔ Odourless

   ✔ Harmless to users, children, pets or wildlife

   ✔ Harmless to the environment

   ✔ Container is fully recyclable

   ✔ Exterior & Interior Formulation

Natural Ingredients

   🐑 Wool industry waste from UK            

   🌿 Plants grown on our farm & other UK sources

Caplintec Stone Sealer
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